3 Interior Design Rules That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Sometimes bending or breaking a rule can improve a situation, but when it comes to interior design there are 5 hard and fast rules that are important never to ignore!

1.  Rugs Belong Under Furniture.

Yes, you do want to keep some flooring exposed, after all, if you didn’t then it would just look like regular old carpet!  Be sure that your carpet is large enough so that the front legs of each main piece of seating furniture land on it, otherwise you loose the design impact of the rug and it will end up looking messy.


2.  The Higher You Hang the Curtains, the Better.

Contrary to popular belief, the higher your hang your curtain rod, the higher your ceilings will appear once the curtains are placed.


3.  Dining Room Tables Belong Directly Under Light.

Chandelier? Light Fixture? Regardless of the type of type of overhead light in your dining room area, be sure to place your dining room table so that the overhead light is centered above it.

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