3 Insanely Easy Appetizers for Last Minute Summer Soirees

Last minute guests? Forget about signing up to bring appetizers to a friends party?

Don’t get caught bringing a pre-packaged tray; we’ve got you covered with these 3 appetizers that are not only delicious, but thanks to our short cuts, also super fast and easy to prepare!

Deviled Eggs with Sriracha and Bacon

Follow the link above for this easy recipe, but if you’re looking to make it even easier and super fast, take our tip and purchase pre-boiled eggs from the grocery store! Not only are they easier and faster (no boil time, no peeling time) but you will save your home from that pungent cooking odor.

As for the bacon, check the condiment section where salad dressings are located for Real Bacon Bits.  They are chewy and delicious and don’t have that salty and hard taste like regular bacon bits do.  They can be sprinkled over the deviled eggs instead of taking the time to cook real bacon, wait for it to cool, peel it up and then clean up afterwards!

Chicken Salad Wonton Cups

Wonton cup appetizers are insanely easy to make and are even easier when you purchase the base filling from your grocers deli!
Wonton wrappers are available at the grocery store and turning them into “cups” is as simple as baking them for a few minutes inside of a cupcake tray, per the recipe in the link above from Eat, Drink Love.

Next, grab some chicken salad from the grocery store.  Add in a few extra ingredients (this recipe calls for a little apple cider vinegar and paprika to garnish) and fill the cups half way for an appetizer that tastes delicious and looks pretty too!


Prosciutto Wrapped Melon

This appetizer is so easy that we didn’t even need a link to the recipe!

Sweet, salty and definitly refreshing on even the hottest of days, simply purchase pre-cut cantaloupe melon from the grocery store and a package of prosciutto.  Prosciutto is a dry-cured ham that doesn’t need to be cooked.  Just wrap a little less than half of a slice around a piece of cantaloupe and secure with a  toothpick.  Voila-you’re done!