3 Gifts for the Mom Who Already Has it All

Mothers Day is this Sunday, May 8th, but what do you get for the mom who says she “doesn’t need anything”…and actually means it! Here are 3 great gift ideas for the mom who truly does have it all.

  1.  Give in Her Name

    Always a great gift idea for someone who says they don’t need anything and means it, why not make a charitable donation in your mothers day? Pick a cause or charity that you know is near and dear to moms heart.  If you don’t already know of one, it is always a safe bet to choose a charitable organization based on an illness that either she, or someone close to her that you know of, has personally experienced.  Everyone healthy and happy? Donations to causes that protect or benefit animals, children, veterans and the homeless are always in need.  A great website for “one stop” charitable giving is GlobalGiving.org, where you can search for organizations based on location or category and will also allow you to make the contribution in the name of someone else.  They will even mail you or email you a certificate displaying the charitable gift made in moms name.

    mom day

  2.  Give the Gift of a New Memory

    Somebody (probably a mother) once said that life isn’t about things, but rather, life is about memories and the people that you make them with.  For the mom who has it all, why not give the gift of just that: a memory!There are 2 ways to give this gift; the first way is to choose something that you know mom already enjoys but with a “twist”, the second way is to choose something that your mom has never done but has always wanted to do.

    In the first scenario, if you want to give your mom the gift of something she already likes to do, but with a twist, here are just a few ideas:
    Wine Tasting:  How about a wine tasting safari in Malibu?
    Hiking:  Add a picnic lunch or, spend an afternoon or weekend hiking Catalina Island.
    Watching Movies:  A night at a revival cinema watching a classic film or dinner/movie like what’s offered at the Arclight and iPic Cinemas.

    For the second scenario, there are now many websites that cater to providing a once-in-a-lifetime experiences as gifts! For instance, through Cloud9Living.com you can search for an experience by location and then narrow it down by price or interest.  In Los Angeles alone there are experiences that you can acquire for mom such as a gold lesson with a PGA professional, luxury car racing, gondola dinner cruises, sunset hot air balloon rides, private dance lessons and champagne cruises.

  3.  Give the Gift of Your Time

    Do you have a mother that constantly bemoans about how you’re so busy with your own life that you’ve forgotten her? When you are a very busy person, sometimes just giving the gift of your time can be the best gift of all.Does mom have a “to do” list that has been gathering dust? Offer to cook dinner for you both and to spend the day crossing items of it! Is mom someone with a passion for the ballet or opera but can never find anyone to go with her? Buy tickets and take mom out for a “complaint free” evening! Regardless of whatever you decide to do, she will be happy just that you’re there.