3 Fresh Ideas for Holiday Host/Hostess Gifts

Bringing a bottle of wine as a host or hostess gift during the holidays can be much appreciated, but if you’re looking to stand out a bit by bringing something special, here are our ideas for 3 fresh holiday host/hostess gifts!

  1.  A Holiday Ornament

    If your host or hostess loves to decorate for the holidays, why not bring a tree ornament as a gift? Be sure the ornament isn’t just a run-of-the-mill variety; make it personal! Without much effort you can find an ornament that will be special to them: the logo of their favorite sports team, an ornament related to one of their favorite tv shows or movies etc.

    Holiday Darth Vader ornament from Hallmark

  2. Cool Wine Stopper

    Heading over to a soiree at the home of a wine lover? Instead of bringing a typical bottle of wine, why not surprise the host or hostess with a cool wine stopper so that opened but unfinished bottles don’t go bad but also add a little decor!  Cool wine stoppers can sometimes be found where you would purchase wine, however, better selections and designs can be found online in advance, at gift stores and at some department stores such as Target.

    Nautical Wine Stopper from Target

  3. Floral Arrangement

    Flowers are beautiful and a welcome addition to any home, but not when the host or hostess has to stop what they are doing in order to find a vase and arrange them on the spot.  Don’t be the guest that has obviously not put any thought into their gift; when bringing flowers to a host or hostess, be sure that they are already nicely arranged in a vase and ready to display.