3 Easy Ways to Transform Last Years Halloween Costume into a New One

No time to buy a new costume? Not in the mood to come up with an alternative to last years? Just not feeling inspired enough to spend the time or money to create this years new one?

Fear not! Here are 3 easy ways to recycle last years Halloween costume and transform it into this years new one!

1. Hipsterize It

One of the scariest things parts of living in any city are….the hipsters! We kid, we kid. Still, cool kids everywhere have transformed ordinary Halloween costumes into brand new ones by simply “hipsterizing” them.

By simply adding a pair of fake glasses, a snarky sign, a scarf, a fake tattoo sleeve, an ironic t-shirt, boots and tights or skinny jeans to last years costume, Disney princesses have suddenly morphed into Hipster Disney Princesses and a vampire becomes a Hipster Vampire. You get the idea!

hipster costumes

2. Grow Some Fangs

You can transform almost any costume into a blood sucking, immortal version of itself by adding fangs, pale face makeup and some fake blood! A cheerleader becomes a vampire cheerleader, a cowboy becomes a blood sucking cowboy vamp etc.


3. Hang a Sign

Sometimes the only addition that you need in order to give an old Halloween costume new meaning is just a sign! Here are some examples.

Last years witch costume: Add a name tag to it that says “Worst” and voila! You are now officially  The Worst Witch, a character from a children’s book and movie.

worst witch

Any kind of formal attire: Hang a sign around your neck that says “I’m sorry” and transform into a Formal Apology.

Pig or Devil: Add a name tag featuring your least favorite political figure and let the laughs of approval and tsk’s of disapproval begin!

Bride: Add a Fed Ex or UPS sticker and suddenly you’re a Mail Order Bride.

Doctor: Wear a sign that says “Pepper”, “Love” or “Who” and become Doctor Pepper, the Love Doctor or a literal version of Doctor Who.

dr who

Chef: Add a big sign that says FE because FE represents the 26th element in the Table of Elements and is Iron. Iron Chef. Get it?

Bumble Bee: Wear a sign that says “I Can Spell” to become a Spelling Bee.

Any green costume: Stick a sign on that says ENVY to appear “Green with Envy”.

Any gold costume: Post a sign on yourself that proclaims “Opportunity!” to transform into a “Golden Opportunity”.