3 Easy Ways to Make Your Food Patriotic this July 4th

Regardless of whether you are hosting a fantastic Independence Day party this year or just attending one, why not get into the spirit of the holiday and add some red, white and blue into the mix?

Here are some fast and easy ways to add some patriotism to your appetizers or desserts this 4th!

1.  Print Out Some Flags

The internet is a wonderful thing! HERE is a link to some free, printable American flags.  Print them out in color and stick them to toothpicks using double sided tape.  Although they say that they are specifically for cupcakes, you can definitly apply them to any soft dessert or appetizer to add a little extra “wow”!


2.  Add Some Patriotic Produce

Either as a topping or just as a garnish on the plate, there are both vegetables and fruits that fall within the red, white and blue color scheme. Check out the list HERE!

And don’t forget, around this time of year there is plenty of other food that is red, white and blue as well including tortilla chips and tortilla’s.  Just be sure to call ahead to your local supermarket, or, head over to do your shopping at least a few days in advance.


3.  Sprinkle It On

If you’ll be bringing a dessert of any kind, consider just sprinkling on a little red, white and blue! M&M’s manufacturers specific packs of red, white and blue candies around this time of year and while Pop Rocks only come in blue and red, they can be sprinkled on top of any white or light dessert as well.  And, don’t forget…there are always red, white and blue sprinkles!