3 Easy Ways to Create a Relaxing Bedroom on a Budget

Life is full of everyday stress but your home can be your sanctuary if you know how to create a relaxing environment.  Here are 3 ways to create a relaxing bedroom without spending a lot of money.



1.  Just Say No to Television and Computers in the Bedroom.

TV in the bedroom? Catching up on studying or working from your laptop while sitting on your bed? Just say No! As relaxing as it may seem to lay in bed and watch your favorite shows or catch up on studies/work, scientists actually say that having a television in the bedroom can create more stress.

How so? Exposure to stimulating objects and lights from a TV screen can affect levels of melatonin, a hormone that regulates your body’s internal clock, making it more difficult to fall asleep.  That, and depending on what show you have been watching before bedtime, your mind may dwell on it, leaving your brain stimulated when it should be shutting down for sleep.


2.  Decorate with Relaxing Colors.

Decorating with relaxing colors doesn’t mean going out and purchasing brand new furniture and linens.  Simply changing the colors of what your eyes generally focus on the most while laying in bed can have a positive and relaxing effect.

Think of adding an inexpensive throw to your bed if you can not afford to replace your comforter or duvet cover.  If painting all of your bedroom walls isn’t “do-able”, consider painting just an accent wall, the wall being the one that you face when laying in bed.  WebMD reports that the most relaxing colors to utilize are cool ones such as blues, lavenders and greens. Earthy colors such as taupe, light grey and light brown as also relaxing.

Not confident in your painting skills? Purchase some inexpensive curtains that are relaxing colors.


3.  Make Your Bed.

In an ideal world, your entire room would be spotless, leading you to relaxation instead of subliminally worrying about the mess.  In a realistic world, you may save the big clean ups just for weekends or when you have a large block of time, but the one small thing that you can do that will have the largest impact on creating a relaxing bedroom atmosphere is to keep your bed made.

Don’t have time for full-on military sheet tucks? At bare minimum, leave the sheets untucked but be sure to smooth them under the blanket blanket, which should also be smooth and prop up your pillows.  This way, upon entering your bedroom, the bed becomes a main focus of the room and its tidiness will make it seem even more inviting.