3 Destinations for a Beautiful Los Angeles Picnic

Going out to lunch or dinner can get very expensive, very quickly.  The next time that you have a hankering to dine al fresco, why not pack up your lunch or dinner and head to one of these 3 great spots in Los Angeles for a good old fashioned picnic?

Palisades Park
Santa Monica, CA

Located on Ocean Avenue between Colorado Avenue and Adelaide, this 26.4 acre stretch of green space overlooks the beach and ocean! Prime picnic spaces include on the benches or lawn that surround the rose and sculpture garden and the shaded tables with seats in the chess playing section.


Vista Hermosa Natural Park
Downtown Los Angeles

Located at the western gateway to Downtown, the 10.5 acre park is a mad made development featuring stunning views of Los Angeles! Prime picnic areas are in the meadows close to the streams as well as the formal picnic area complete with wooden picnic tables.



Griffith Park Old Zoo
Griffith Park, CA

What once was an active zoo between 1912 and 1966 is now a unique picnic spot inside of the sprawling Griffith Park Zoo!  Picnic tables are set up in several of the old faux natural cave spaces but there is also a huge meadow if you prefer to spread out on the grass instead.  Look for the signs off of Crystal Springs Drive that will point you in the right direction.