3 Dark & Delicious Kinds of Halloween Pasta

Halloween themed food can be fun, although usually it also looks, rather fittingly, disgusting.

If you are looking to impress your friends, family or coworkers with something delicious and Halloween-inspired that is also visually stunning, check out these 3 dark and delicious Halloween themed types of pasta complete with buying guides and recipes.

(PS: For a little extra Halloween oomph, serve any of these pastas inside of a hollowed out pumpkin!)


Dark and Mysterious Squid Ink Pasta

With its slightly salty flavor, this pasta derives its dark and mysterious coloring directly from squid ink, making it a “go to” for seafood or vegetarian pasta dishes of all kinds.  You can even mix in regular pasta for a stunning black and white “swirl” effect.

WARNING: Those allergic to shell fish may experience a severe reaction to this pasta.  Order various kinds of squid ink pasta HERE or check out local specialty grocers!

Squid Ink Pasta with Shrimp and White Wine Cream Sauce



Squid Ink Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes and Kale



Freakishly Fun Black & White Farfalline 

The pasta that resembles the suit that Beetlejuice wore is both fun and delicious! Keep in mind that the natural black coloring comes from squid ink so those who are allergic to shellfish should avoid eating it.  Black and white farfalline can be very hard to find, but we found an inexpensive option online HERE.

Farfalline with Sausage, Tomato and Cream (substituting regular pasta with black and white)



Black and White Potato and Bacon Pasta



Bewitching Black Bean Pasta

Both gluten free and a healthy source of fiber, black bean pasta tastes extremely similar to the real thing and is used mostly in dishes with Mexican or Asian sauces and toppings.  If you’re a fan of black bean pasta but don’t necessarily need it to be gluten free, mix in regular pasta noodles for a stunning black and white effect!  Black bean pasta can be ordered online HERE.

Black Bean Pasta with Roasted Butternut Squash



Mexican Black Bean Pasta