3 Creative Ways to Say “I Like You” This Valentines Day in Los Angeles

Valentines Day is often associated with love and passion for those in committed relationships, but what about for those people who aren’t yet at a point where they’re ready to say “I Love You”?

Here are 3 creative ways to tell that “possibly special someone” that you “like them” this Valentines Day in Los Angeles.

1.  “I like you as much as I like pizza…which is a lot.”

Looking to show your “like” for someone in a low key and inexpensive way? Fresh Brothers Pizza will once again be offering their heart shaped pizzas for dine in, carry out and delivery at their 13 Los Angeles area locations.  Why not pre-order a special heart shaped pie for your sweetie because nothing says “Hey I like/love you but not in an intensely crazy way” then hot, heart shaped cheesy goodness!

2.  “Will you go to Fake Prom with me?”

The most romantic thing you could do in high school was to ask someone that you didn’t just like, but that you like liked to go to the most glamorous event of the school year with you: Prom.

Days of pencils, books and teachers dirty looks may be far behind you, but asking someone to prom doesn’t have to be!  UniqueUSA is hosting their 3rd Annual Fake Prom on Valentine’s Day this year in LA.

The theme is the ever-so-classic “Under the Sea” and your $45 ticket gets you open bar, 360 degree prom pics opps and more!

film love

3.  “I want to sit in the dark and hold hands etc. with you.”

Los Angeles is one of the luckiest cities in the world when it comes to revival theater’s and cinema’s that screen classic and beloved movies.  While some may say “I like you” with an overpriced and underwhelming dinner in a crowded restaurant, treat your sweetie to a romatical night at the movies?

Here are some special screenings happening just for Valentine’s Day weekend:

Egyptian Theater in Hollywood

Friday, 7:30pm: Brokeback Mountain 

Saturday, 7:30pm: Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

Saturday, 9:00pm: Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

Sunday, 7:30pm: Gone With the Wind 


Saturday, 6:30pm and 9:15pm and Sunday, 4:45pm and 7:30pm: Casablanca 

Aero in Santa Monica

Friday, 7:30pm: The Philadelphia Story

Saturday, 7:30pm: Casablanca 

Sunday, 7:30pm: Harold and Maude