3 Clever Ways to Turn Your Toilet Paper Into a Work Of Art

Toilet paper.

Why the stigma? We all (hopefully) use it!

But why do we hide it? We store it. We put it away where no one else can see it unless, out of necessity, they go looking for it.

Well, hide your toilet paper no more! Here are 3 ways to store your toilet paper while simultaneously turning it into, well, kind of a work of art…or at the very least a clever decoration!

1.  Polaroll Camera Toilet Paper Roll

After the initial “What the?!”, your guests will get a giggle out of this unique toilet paper roll that looks like a vintage poloroid camera! Available on Amazon.com or via perpetualkid.com starting at $28.


2.  Cloudy Day Toilet Paper Wall Mount Storage

French designer Bertrand Jayr turns storing your toilet paper into a work of art with this wall mounted concrete “cloud”.
Available via UncommonGoods from $100.


3.  PQtier Porte Toilet Paper Tree

Designed by Presse Citron, store up to 14 rolls of toilet paper on this metal, wall mount “tree”.  Available
from $155 via Fancy.com.

tp tree