3 Clever & Creative Ways to Hide Your Ugly Router

If you have the internet then it’s a fair assumption to say that you also are the proud owner (or leaser) of a router.

You know, the ugly not-so-little boxes that routes data (hence the name) from a local area network to another network connection?

Regardless of how much space you’re working with, routers can be eyesores.  Here are some of the coolest and most creative ways that you too can “hide” your router.

1.  In a decorative box like the creative folks over at Sweet Sanity.  

You can purchase decorative boxes pretty much anywhere, like at Target, on Amazon or even at Ikea. Simply cut a hole in the back that is large enough to feed the wires through and pop the router inside. Voila!



2. Inside of a book like Apartment Therapy

Check out their informative little article on how to DIY an old book into a clever hiding jacket for your router! Just take a hard back book that is roughly the same thickness as your router, remove all of the pages and insert the router.


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3. Underneath a kitchen cabinet like Ryan on Penguins Don’t Fly

Not as creative in looks, but definitely clever and functional! Most kitchen cabinets have a little space under the bottom area that’s just perfect to mount your router inside of.