3 Alternatives to the Typical Ugly Sweater Party

While holiday parties should always be both fun and festive, one thing that they should never be is boring. And what breeds a boring holiday party? Something typical, expected and most of all, over done.

So while everyone else on Facebook is sending out invitations to ugh, yet another, Ugly Sweater Party, be brave and break the mold with one of these unique and fun holiday party ideas!

no more ugly

Ornament Exchange Party

This kind of party is similar to a white elephant party, except with each guest bringing and receiving a wrapped holiday tree ornament.  Unlike a white elephant party, the ornaments that are brought aren’t supposed to be gag gifts, but instead ornaments that are unique, cool or valuable in some way.

Krampus Party

Ever heard of Krampus? German legend has it that Krampus was kind of an anti-Santa Claus, a creature that punished the children who were naughty by dragging them off into the forest.

Celebrate your holiday party with a bit of Halloween spirit! Check out this blog or one of these Pinterest boards for more ideas on how to have a Krampus holiday party.

XxxMas Party

The Xxxmas Party is a combination of a traditional holiday party but combined with the sass and silliness of a Pimps and Hoe party.  Still festive, this is definitly an adults only kind of party and not for the easily offended!