3 Additions For Better Shoe & Boot Storage

If you live in a large city then you are probably no strange to small closet living, not to mention small apartment living in general.  Sure, it’s fine for those who exist with only a few basic pairs of shoes or boots, but if you are someone who has various footwear options, check out these 3 practical and affordable additions to make small closet living easier and your bedroom much cleaner!

1.  Over-the-door shoe storage

There are 2 different kinds of over-the-door shoe storage: hard (made of metal) and soft (pockets).  Find the one that works best for you! Hard storage for 36 pairs of shoes via Walmart for $25 HERE or soft, 24 pair storage via Bed Bath and Beyond HERE.


2. Boot hangers

Over-the-door shoe storage won’t work for large boots.  Instead, consider hanging your boots by clips like some department stores do.  Buy a set of 6 for under $10 available via Amazon.


3.  Under-the-bed shoe storage

Yes, it is possible to store items under your bed without them getting dusty or lost! Grab a 16 pair, under-the-bed, covered shoe organizer via The Container Store for $20 HERE.