3 More Great Podcasts for Holiday Travel

Last year we wrote about 3 great podcasts to listen to during holiday travel.  This year we bring you 3 more great podcasts to help you escape the stress of travel. Enjoy!

  1.  Serial Season 2

    Last year the investigative reporters brought us the complex, and at times, confusing, true story of a man who may be serving time for a crime that he allegedly committed as a teenage.  Compelling new witness testimony and evidence was brought forward, creating a movement to have the case appealed.  This season, another true story with, for the first time, first account details, is brought forward, the one of an American solider who allegedly deserted his post only to be captured and held as a prisoner for 5 years.

  2. Stuff You Missed in History ClassBoth odd and little known facts when it comes to things you may have learned in history class but have either since forgotten or, never really knew the whole story about! Topics include the story behind the German folktale of Krampus, a Princess involved in the Women’s Suffrage movement and more.
  3. You Must Remember ThisAre you a fan of Old Hollywood or just curious about the glitz, glamour and scandals of the 1920’s-1960’s? This podcast showcases both big and little known names and sheds light on the private lives of some of the entertainment industries most important and influential people.