11 Gif’s That Perfectly Describe the Humid Weather Los Angeles is Experiencing

It’s no secret that Los Angeles has been experiencing a strange bout of tropical weather.  The thunder and lightening storms are one thing, but the humidity? Whew; for a city that is used to hot, dry weather, the humidity is a terrible, sticky shock!

Here are ten things about humid weather that most other parts of the United States already know about, but Los Angeles is only just starting to understand.

1.  Regardless of the temperature, humid heat feels much hotter than dry heat.

2.  You feel as if you are literally melting.

3.  Regardless of product, your hair will most likely either become limp and flat…

4.  Or big and frizzy.

5.  Forget eye makeup because it will blink off almost as soon as you’ve applied it.

6.  Humid weather makes you sweat profusely…

7.  From everywhere!

8.  Humidity will give you a new found appreciation for air conditioning…

9.  Because even if you live close to the beach, a fan and open windows won’t cut it.

10.  Cold water will become your favorite new beverage, although…

11. No matter how much caffeine you drink, you’ll still feel like you need a nap.

Welcome to humid weather, Los Angeles!