10 Types of Roommate Behaviors During Holiday Season (in GIFS)

The holiday season can bring out both the best and the worst in our roommates.  Here are the 10 types of roommate behaviors that you may experience during the holiday season!

  1.  The roommate who absolutely loves the holiday season and wants you to too.

  2. The roommate who goes crazy and decorates absolutely everything in your apartment.

  3. The roommate who absolutely hates the holidays.

  4. The roommate who leaves for most of the holiday season.

  5. The roommate who invites their entire family to stay at your apartment.
  6. The roommate who doesn’t celebrate the holidays.

  7. The roommate who gets way too stressed out during the holidays.

  8. The roommate who throws a holiday party in your apartment and then waits forever to clean it up.

  9. The roommate who is a “holiday orphan”.

  10. The roommate who doesn’t respect the fact that you don’t celebrate the holidays.