10 Cool Umbrellas That Will Make You Want to Walk in the Rain

In case you didn’t hear, Los Angeles has been affected by a huge drought that has been negatively impacting the Southwest.  Needless to say, while you may hear some grumblings when it finally does rain in Los Angeles, for the most part, people are pretty happy to be hit with a few rainy days and nights!

Here are 10 unique umbrellas that make walking around in the rain fun. Enjoy!

Kraken Umbrella

$40 at Kraken Supply Co


Red Heart Shaped Umbrella

$45 on Ebay

light u

Light Saber Umbrella

$38 on GadgetFlow


“F the Rain” Umbrella

$29 on Amazon


Birdcage Umbrella

$55 at LuLu Guiness


sky u

Blue Sky Umbrella

$48 from MOMA

no hand

Hands Free Umbrella

$60 via Nubrella

Rays the Bar Umbrella

$18 on ModCloth


Victorian Vertigo Umbrella

$36 on PlasticLand

Whale Umbrella

$40 via Amazon