3 Things You Should Never Feel Bad About Throwing Away

For decades, Americans were happy to live in a country where disposable products and goods were commonplace and every day.

Thankfully, after realizing how much unnecessary waste was being produced and how many natural resources were being wasted, the movement of recycling, reusing and re-purposing came along.

As good as it feels not to contribute to landfills, there are some household items that you should never feel guilty about tossing (although, yes, recycle where you are able).  Take a look at our list below of the top 3 things you should never feel bad about throwing away.

1.  Kitchen Sponges

According to an article by ApartmentTherapy.com, the average shelf life of a kitchen sponge is about one month max, maybe less if you don’t store a used one properly. Retaining an old sponge, even if it hasn’t started to smell bad, can be bad for your health as they are full of bacteria.

To get the most mileage from a kitchen sponge before tossing it, be sure to store it properly and clean it regularly after each use.  More details on what all this entails can be found HERE.

2. Expired Makeup

Skin infections? No thanks! Sephora.com has THIS handy dandy little article about when to say when to old makeup.

Keep in mind that while expired makeup shouldn’t be used, their containers may still be recyclable.   See HERE on how to recycle old cosmetic containers.

3.  Your Toothbrush

Even if you have become attached to your toothbrush for some reason, WebMd doesn’t recommend continued use of the same one for more then 3-4 months.  In fact,  they recommend tossing your  toothbrush much sooner then the 3-4 month time period if you have been sick or experienced some sort of oral infection.

Still feel a little guilty about tossing your germ infested tooth stick? Check out the super inexpensive toothbrush line now available online and at Trader Joes, Preserve, where the bristles are brand new but the handle is made from recycled yogurt cups. They even come in packaging that doubles as a return envelope to re-recycle the toothbrush after maximum use has been reached!